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From: Warren Seah

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the time taken to make the decision to consider being part of the family in promoting Forex Geometry System as an affiliate.

By taking action in being an affiliate of Forex Geometry System, i believe you advocate the idea of having a dynamic and versatile Forex Charting Tool to not only allow you to trade any form of charting trading system but also to automate the process of a trading system's entry, management and exit with your own rules.


Why choose to market Forex Geometry System:

- 30% of the $397 (FGS Full Version) or $119.1** will be commissioned to you for each sale (**Payment processor to draw a small % as transaction fee)

- Forex Geometry System is the pioneer in introducing Expert Advisor based on what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual charting tool that allows you automate your trading system based on your own trading rules

- Forex Geometry System is supported by a team of traders who believe in on-going Forex education and having proper trading foundation and that means quality EA

- With a total of 12 features (more to come with quarterly updates) associated with FGS, it covers a wide range of charting and execution needs from simple entry and exit based off a trendline to more sophisticated system set-up with indicator filters

- Forex Geometry System not only allows users to automate their manual trading system according to their customization but also delivers and stresses the education behind the whole EA operation through a series of educational guides/videos (will be release frequently in quarterly updates)



Ok Warren!

I want to get started so how do i get going?




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Best Regards,

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Warren Seah And Forex Geometry System Team


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