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General Questions


What is Expert Advisor (EA)?

Expert Advisor is an automated robotic script written in MQ4 language that can work in the Metatrader4 platform and make trades for you!


Why are we selling Forex Geometry System? Do you use it yourself?

First of all I am only making a limited amount of copies available; once they are gone then I’m afraid this site will be closed. We use it every day! Forex Geometry System is new to the public. We want to show EVERYONE that it is the absolute best forex entry and exit in the market. We want the word to spread out as much as possible and to create a great brand for Forex Geometry System.


What happens if I lose power to my computer for a short period of time?

You will start Metatrader account again. All trade managed by Forex Geometry System will remain unchanged and you aren’t required to do anything. If Forex Geometry System has stopped for whatever reasons, a window will pop up alerting you. You can simply drag/drop Forex Geometry System into the chart to start managing your trades again. Make sure that this parameter "Name of Trade" is the same as the previous attached FGS.


What is Metatrader 4?

Metatrader 4 is a trading platform where you get live price feeds, news and other features like indicators and plotting tools. Metatrader 5 is currently in the works right now.


Specific Forex Geometry System Questions


What is Forex Geometry System?

Forex Geometry System is a fully independent software robot which perform trade entry and exits execution in the foreign exchange market. Forex Geometry System pinpoints trades entries and exits according to the trader’s system and closely monitored them.

Entries and exits execution are based on the drawing of trend line. How they are drawn will result in how the trade is either entered or exit. The drawing of trend line allows the flexibility for traders to incorporate their technical analysis and charting into an automated trigger for trade entry or exit.

Robots such as Forex Geometry System are called Expert Advisors or EA, and are attached to the currency charts in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform which is provided by forex brokers. Forex Geometry System was created by Warren Seah and his team.


Can I use FGS in the demo accounts?

Yes. It can be used with unlimited demo accounts. We suggest that FGS should first be used in a demo account to familiarize the features before trading in live accounts.

The time to experience FGS will vary with the level of experience, this serve as a guide. Practise placing 30-50 trades or use it for at least 14 days before using FGS in a live account.


Does Forex Geometry System have monthly subscription fees?

No. This is a one-time payment, you will never be charged again.


Will I be up-sell an advanced version of the software?

No. We do not up-sell clients any advanced version of Forex Geometry System. All updates and new strategies will be available to client for FREE.


Can I run several Forex Geometry System software at the same time?

Sure. You can run unlimited EAs in as many demo accounts and only in one live account at any one time. It is limited to usage on 1 live account to prevent software piracy.

If you wish to use this EA in more than 1 live account concurrently at the same time, it is required to purchase additional licenses.

Click Here to Acquire Additional License


How do I ensure that Forex Geometry System is managing my trades?

A smiley should be found on the top right corner of currency chart indicating that usage of expert advisor is turned on. Next, you should ensure that the FGS operational icon is green in color and is blinking (flashing) indicating it is active in running mode.

This should ensure that FGS is running in the background placing and managing trades for you. Do ensure also that the lines drawn have their trade parameters correctly defined in their line description. Thereby, these steps should ensure that FGS is running to execute and manage your trades.


Can I adjust parameters of the Forex Geometry System advisor?

Forex Geometry System is developed such that most trading decisions can be simplify with just the drawing of trend lines. Any decision which cannot be incorporate by the drawing of trend line will require the user to adjust the parameters by right clicking into the trend line or line properties and manual adjust the parameters.

You can adjust trade parameters like stop loss/ take profit levels, slippage and lot size to enter upon receiving trade signal.


Can Forex Geometry System work with other Expert Advisors?

Forex Geometry System can work together with other expert advisors. Just a note that Forex Geometry System can be programmed to manage trades by other expert advisors like our CLOSEALL (close all trades with same currency charts) and this feature can be turned on or off.


Is this complicated to setup with my current metatrader account?

Absolutely not! It is simple to drag/drop the Expert Adviser into your Metatrader account. Our clients usually import and start playing with it few minutes after downloading it. And you can too.

Next, you could just perform the usual technical charting analysis by drawing trend lines. Usage of Forex Geometry System will allow the same set of trend lines that you drew in the first place become exact entries and exit levels.

This will mean that each of this spots that are contain the trend lines will become actual entry or exit points if market price ever touches this points. How could is that ? All of this features can be set up in under 15 minutes, and leave it for the software to manage trade entries and exit automatically.


So is Forex Geometry System totally hands-free?

Forex Geometry System will only be totally hands-free after you have drawn the trend lines and attach Forex Geometry System into the chart and remove the “VOID” from all signal line. From then onwards, Forex Geometry System will take care of all your trade entries and exits.

We recommend that you should spend at least 15 minutes a day at your computer screen to perform your own market analysis and to adjust FGS settings to suit your day’s needs. FGS will automate your daily tasks thereafter.


What about using Forex Geometry System with different brokers?

You can use Forex Geometry System with different brokers only if your broker has its services used on the Metatrader platform. A good advice is to always test it out on your broker's demo account first before going live.


Can Forex Geometry System work with 4th and 5th decimal brokers?

Yes, FGS can work with 4th and 5th decimal brokers. The functionality remains exactly the same. In circumstances where amount of pips must be specified, it should state 50 pips to be “50” (same value for both 4th and 5th decimal broker).

FGS is programmed to recognise the type of brokers and execute the instruction accordingly. Thus, FGS will take care of it.


What about using Forex Geometry System with ECN brokers?

Forex Geometry System is ECN environment ready and compatible with most ECN brokers using Metatrader 4 platform. A good advice is to always test it out on your broker's demo account first before going live.


Will Forex Geometry System have any future updates?

Yes. We are always looking for new ways to utilise trend line for entry and exit trade execution.  Future updates of Forex Geometry Software will be delivered to you and the best thing is that they are available to our paid members for free!


Will Forex Geometry System work in future Metatrader platform versions?

Yes. We will be updating our Forex Geometry System software accordingly to the latest Metatrader platform version so that you can use it.


Trade Specific Questions


Can FGS trades breakout patterns?

Yes, it is designed to trade such patterns like ascending triangle, descending triangle or commonly called channels. Signal lines will be drawn to mark the level at which market price touch will warrant an automated entry trade. Some traders also named this type of trading trend line breaks.


Can FGS be set to perform an automated entry up price rejection at a specified level?

Yes, we can trade on trend line break or trend line reject by specifying these codes “BUY?” or “SELL?” on the signal line object description. FGS is designed to consider the signal line (buy or sell entry) relative to price action and it will make an automated decision which reflects the trader’s decision to trade on trend line break or price rejection.

Let’s look at an illustration. 

Placing a BUY in a ascending channel will automatically be a trade on price rejection



Placing a SELL in a ascending channel will automatically be a trade on trend line break


Trading with support and resistance levels can now be automated with FGS and this should make trading with these levels easier and be less restrictive than the standard mt4 trade execution procedures.

Can I programmed FGS to only make trades at certain trading hours? (session trading)

Yes, we have a function which uses vertical lines to define the time period for FGS trading. FGS user can easily place the vertical lines onto the chart and define the start trading hour and end trading hour to mark the session at which they will like FGS to make trades.

Can FGS make stop loss or take profit level stealth?

Yes, FGS has the capabilities to make your drawn SL or TP hidden from the broker. Hence, your broker will have no idea where your stop loss is placed and will be perfectly safe from brokers’ stop hunt activities.

What if my internet connection fails, will the stealth TP and SL still work?

Unfortunately, the stealth feature will not work because these values are not log with the broker. This is the disadvantage of using stealth TP or SL levels. If you are worried about losing internet connection during a trade, we could log the levels with the brokers. And your TP or SL levels will still work regardless of the internet connectivity.


Can my entry line (signal line) take the shape of a sloping line?

Yes, it can be drawn with any gradient or slope. In fact, we are very proud to release such functionality into the market as the standard mt4 trade execution only allow market orders (instant trade execution) or only horizontally sloped buy/sell stop  orders (pending orders).

This feature is a must have for technical chartist as chart patterns take all forms of shape and FGS versatility on placing sloped pending order lines will be beneficial to Forex trader.


Can my take profit line or stop loss line takes the shape of a sloping line?

Yes, like the entry line, stop loss and take profit level can also be sloped to perform their functions.


Can I use FGS to place sloping TP or SL lines with my manual trades or trades opened by other expert advisors?

Yes, FGS is also designed to also work with non FGS trades.  For trades not entered by FGS can also be managed by FGS, SL and TP lines drawn by FGS will be tagged to these non FGS trades. Hence, FGS will also complement other expert advisers’ placed trades.


What happens if I have too many lines in a single chart, will FGS still be able to manage them well?

On occasion where you have too many signal lines to put on a single chart, we suggest that you open a new chart and attach a copy of FGS to the new chart name it with a new “NAME of TRADE” (different from the first one). Add the additional signal lines to it. This step is recommended if you are thinking about placing more than 2 signal lines on a single currency chart.

As each set of signal line will come with its SL, TP and several filter lines, as a result this will easily clutter your trading screen and make life difficult for you managing them. We will suggest that you do not place more than 2 signal lines on a single chart.

Will there be a mixed up of SL, TP or filter lines with the wrong signal line?

Our answer is no because each of these respective lines will have a “TRADE GROUPING NO” which serves a tag to identify the relevant signal to associate with. Hence, there isn’t a need to worry about the possibility of FGS mixing them up with each other as FGS is built in such a way to tag each of these lines to the correct signal line.


What is a Option to Cancel Order ?

This is also commonly called OCO order. It is where you place two pending orders, and on the execution of one order make the other order expires. OCO order is particularly useful in trading trend breakouts where direction of market is unknown to the trader.


Can FGS be programmed to generate a trade alert or signal for the trader?

Yes, it can be programmed to act like a signal alert software where upon signal detection will perform the following procedures:

  1. Sound a wave file
  2. Pop up an alert box
  3. Email to an inbox (via smtp server)


Email to an inbox is a function that is optional. If you will like to receive the signal alert via your specified email but do not own a smtp server, a nominal fee will be charged such that we will arrange and setup one for you . For more info, submit a helpdesk at our support page:


Can I make changes to the number of times the wave file is played upon trade alert?

Yes. When the alert is being triggered, the MT4 standard alert pop up window will appear. It will display the action that took place. It will play the specified wave file for x number of times. It is possible to set the number of times the wave file is played and you will also get to choose which wave file to be played.


Which types of lines can be use to generate trade alert?

In fact, any type of line that is used by FGS can be inserted with the trade alert command “!!” and it will automatically sound the trade alert upon receive the trade signal. All type of lines includes signal line, SL and TP lines, filter lines, indicator tzone lines and change of sentiment line.

Will the sounding of trade alert affect my entry or exit?

No, it will not affect the speed and quality of your trade entry and exit. For Entry and Exit commands, the sound will be played only after order execution.

After the alert, the FGS EA will change the "!!" to "xx" (at the alert line object description) to indicate that the alert has been sounded off. In cases when the trader is busy and not in his desk, and when he comes back, he knows the signal has already been sounded because the alert pop up will display the action taken and the command line will be "xx" instead of "!!".  

This will not affect the trade entry execution process. It is highly recommended that the trader first test the number of times sound played to gauge and get a feel of the duration. Each sound clip is set to play approximately 3 seconds apart. Therefore, a 5 times is approximately 15 seconds. Specify the amount of ‘lag’ time you are comfortable to work with.


Will I be given enough time to react upon receiving trade alert from indicator filter lines? 

Yes. For non entry/exit lines, the sound alert will play before order execution. You can instruct FGS to play the sound long enough (increase no of times wave file is played) for you to react or decide on your trading decision. In the event, if you choose not to trade, you can simply de-activate FGS by turn expert adviser button off to stop FGS from executing a trade entry.

While if you decide to allow FGS to trade, allow the sounding of trade alert to complete and FGS will perform the necessary instruction in the presence of signal line drawn.

Secondly, the trader can use this feature as a pure alert system. This is particularly useful if the trader is not using MT4 for his trade entries but is using a broker with it’s own proprietary trading platforms and he may leverage on FGS to work as a trade alert tool.

Can I draw lines and make adjustment to SL, TP and Signal line in a SAFE environment?

We observe that live trading must be done in a safe way such that trades will not be placed accidentally. This is because the design of FGS has made trading so convenient and easy. And we observe that there are some downside risks to that, which the drawing of lines in certain occasions may result in accidental instant trade execution. This event could be dangerous.

Hence, we have design a few ways where FGS traders could safeguard themselves while still reap the benefits of FGS trading. If these methods are easy to implement and if use accordingly, it will not result in the occurrence of accidental trades. These steps are tested by the development team before they are released.

The safety parameter includes incorporation of ‘VOID’ in all entry lines. “VOID” disabled all entry line (signal line) and must be removed in order to activate entry line to make trades. A safe simulation environment can also be used to make sure that all FGS elements do not place trades under such conditions. These two precaution make trading FGS efficient and safe and if taken correctly, accidental trades will not happen because it is designed it that way.


What are trade filters?

Trade filters are special trading rules designed to restrict the trading system from making trades under specific trading conditions. One example of a trade filters is to not open any sell order when RSI reach the oversold region.

Can we introduce trade filters into Forex Geometry Software?

Yes, trade filters can be used concurrently with the main signal line. It acts as a double confirmation that the trade signal is valid. If trade filters are used correctly, it should increase the percentage of winning trades. The standard list of metatrader platform can all be used together with FGS trading.

Can I alter the indicators’ default settings to suit my trading system?

Yes, we design FGS so that it will cater to the needs of individual traders needs and preference. Let’s take example that we will like a RSI with values taken with the last 20 period (different from default settings), we can easily alter FGS internal RSI settings to match your RSI settings. All instructions are clearly lay out in the software manual.


What if I want to use a customized indicator not included in MT4 indicator list?

If it is not included in the official FGS indicator list, it is still possible to incorporate into FGS trading. However, due to too many customized indicators in the markets, we cannot possibly incorporate them into FGS official indicator list.

Hence, we will specially have our team incorporate the customized indicator into FGS upon your request. As this will require time and effort, a nominal fee will be charged. If you are keen to add your customized indicator to trade with FGS , contact support or visit url below for more info:


I notice that only RSI and ADX indicators are used at your sales page and illustrations. Can I use other indicators like CCI , MACD or Stochastics?

Yes, all indicators included in the Mt4 standard list of indicators can be used with FGS trading. For illustration purposes, we only use RSI and ADX for making an easy and simple presentation that serve to educate the FGS features.


Can I draw a line at the indicator window to signal a trade entry using it in conjunction with my main signal line at the main trading window?

Yes. Drawing another line at the indicator window acts as a double confirmation. Only when both trend lines are broken will a trade entry is permitted. Using it this way, the line drawn at the indicator window works like a filter. We can also called it a filter line.


What is indicator synchronization process?

MT4 does not allow the codes to directly access the indicator values attached on the chart. Therefore, an internal (backstage) copy of the indicator attached is required to be run concurrently. Hence, there is the need for FGS trader to ensure that the settings at which they will be using for trading is in synch with the FGS copy that is running in the backstage to be exact match.

The synchronization process can easily be done by reading the guide and copy and paste the codes into the indicator filter line object description.


Can I use multiple indicators (2 and above) and insert several filter lines to act as confirmation for my main signal line at main trading window?

Yes. You are free to add as many indicators as you want according to your trading system. We do not place any limit in that area. However, we emphasize the need to make your trading system simple and easy to use, so we suggest using a maximum of 3 indicators. However, the decision will still lies with you. That is the extent of flexibility FGS provides.


Can I draw a line at indicator window instead of the main trading window to perform trade entries?

Yes. It is designed to cater to such needs and preference. Simple and clear instructions are lay out in the manual. All standard mt4 indicators that come within the package can be used to perform such functions. If you intend to use customized indicators not found in the standard list, it is still possible to incorporate into FGS trading.

Hence, we will specially have the development team incorporate the customized indicator into FGS upon your request. As this will require time and effort, a nominal fee will be charged. If you are keen to add your customized indicator to trade with FGS , contact support or visit url below for more info:


What are trading zones?

This feature is a very interesting functionality especially for traders that use indicators values to define TRADE ZONE or NON-TRADE ZONE. The insertion of such trading zones has never seen before into the Forex software market till now. We are proud that FGS is the first to introduce such feature to the community. We shall illustrate how trading zones can further automate the traders trading plan.

Assume that a trader only wants to trade the market when RSI value is in the oversold region (below 30 value) in a overbought region (above 70 value), we could insert a filter line and use this FGS command “TZONE” (trading zone) to define the trading rule above. Hence, FGS will only make trades when RSI value is in either oversold or overbought region.

Another example will be a trend trader will only consider making trade if ADX value is above 20. Hence, FGS can be set to make trades only when ADX value is above 20.


Can multiple indicators be used to define trading zones?

Yes. Trading zone can be defined with several indicators. As such, FGS will only make trade entries  when both trading zone in the selected indicators are in the “IN ZONE.” The indicators must be standard MT4 indicators.

If it is not included in the official FGS indicator list, it is still possible to incorporate into FGS trading. Hence, we will specially have our team incorporate the customized indicator into FGS upon your request. As this will require time and effort, a nominal fee will be charged. If you are keen to add your customized indicator to trade with FGS , contact support or visit url below for more info:


What is Bias Sentiment?

This is a new form of trading plan automation released into the market and it is exclusively found only in Forex Geometry System. We can use information extracted from indicator to tell us whether to buy or sell in the market. Assuming price is ranging in a 50 pip channel and we draw 2 signal lines in the upper(buy) and lower(sell) channel in anticipation for channel breakout. 

However, we want to decrease the likelihood of price triggering both orders during high volatility.  Hence, we insert a filter line into the RSI indicator window. If RSI value above 50, the buy signal line will be live while the sell signal line will be inactive. If RSI value below 50, the sell signal line in this case will only be live. All standard mt4 indicators can also be used in this way.


Will FGS be able to set up partial close or scaling out exits?

Yes. Partial closing can be set up easily by drawing a line (can also be a slope line) and inserting FGS codes into the line description. Alternatively, Forex trailer can also be used concurrently to perform partial close and 10 other exit trading strategies.


What is Partial Close ?

It is an exit strategy when portion of contract is exited when a specified level is hit. This strategy is commonly used in trade management as it reduces risk exposure. It is also commonly called scaling out.

What is Stop Loss to Break Even Line?

This is the action of reducing your risk exposure by shifting your stop loss to breakeven price plus N pip. The new stop loss level is then logged with your broker server and thereby resulting in a risk free trade outcome.


Is FGS able to perform trailing stop feature?

Yes. Under the trade parameter codes, SLTP line properties, select “ALL” and thereby each period of your SL value will be logged with the broker. As the current bar/candle closes, this results in a new SL value logged with the broker after each bar/candle closed. This process can also apply to TP as well. Alternatively, Forex trailer can also be used concurrently to perform 11 exit trailing strategies.


Is FGS designed to work together with another of your product Forex Trailer EA?

Yes. It is developed in such a way that both of them can co-work together in harmony. FGS placed trades can then be managed by Forex Trailer with it’s 11 exit strategies optimized for Forex trading. Both systems are built to fully automate the traders’ trading plan.

And the usage of both system will have the best trade automation one can ever experience. Experience the true automation and see for yourself how these two system  make a manual trading system automated.


Guarantee and Support


If I lost the FGS download files and product key, can I retrieve back?

Yes, absolutely! You could contact support with your order receipt number and we will retrieve all necessary data for you at zero cost. We safe keep all customer information and only reveal them upon verification with customer’s registered email. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems at the url below: 


What if I am not happy with the package?

From the moment you purchase Forex Geometry System, your investment is protected by our 8-Week, Iron-Clad, Clickbank Money-Back Guarantee — that's a full 60 days trial! So if for some reason you decide that the system isn't really for you simply contact us and you will be supplied with a prompt and full refund.


Do you provide support?

We provide rapid email support and online ticketing to our members. You will find them in the member area. Alternatively, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems at the url below: 


Do you provide video tutorials and instructions?

Sure, we have prepared video tutorials for you and the Forex Geometry System User Manual. In addition to the basic help you need, we will provide you with the necessary Forex education through our FGS Building Block E book where we will expose what every secret and feature behind this software!


Your Forex Success With Passion,

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Warren Seah and ForexGeometry Team


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